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Troubled Flea Market Cleans Up Before Sale

Posted July 10, 2007 7:47 p.m. EDT
Updated July 11, 2007 6:23 a.m. EDT

— As they put it up for sale, the owners of a flea market on Rock Quarry Road are out to prove that new measures have improved security at the market.

The attorney for the owner of Watson's Flea Market went before the Raleigh City Council Tuesday to talk about the recently implemented security measures.

The southeast Raleigh commerce center came to city officials' attention after an April slaying and a January counterfeit goods raid.

City officials had given the owners until late May to clean up the property and to improve relations with nearby property owners.

"Some of those instances that occurred were beyond the control of the flea market, and they've been a good neighbor since they've been there," said Charles Marshall, the attorney for the owner of the flea market.

"And they've taken steps these last six months that I think makes them a great neighbor," added Marshall.

Marshall said the owners have installed security lights in front of the market, an 8-foot fence behind it and a buffer of trees between the market and Rock Quarry Road.

"I went out there. I saw what they had done to try and fix some of the problems. I think it took a little bit of the city getting their hands on this, making sure people understood that this was a serious problem," said Philip Isley of the Raleigh City Council.

Marshall said that an open dialog exists between the market's owners and members of the surrounding community.

Isley said Tuesday that, in light of the the pending sale, the city would wait to see what happens with the property before taking any further action.

Marshall assured the city council that the security improvements will stay in place even if the property changes hands.