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Rape of Elderly Woman Shocks Neighbors

The rape and robbery of an elderly woman over the weekend has shocked residents of Warren County.

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WARREN — Warren County residents are shocked by the rape of an elderly woman that occurred over this weekend.

A man raped and robbed the woman inside her Warren County home Saturday afternoon, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office said.

Members of the community said they were shocked that this type of crime occurred in Warren County.

"It hurts you to know things like this can happen in your community," said Ernie Fleming, a Warren County commissioner.

“It’s a little close to home,” said resident Tonya Clary.

“In my law enforcement career, I cannot remember having an incident like this in Warren County,” said Johnny Williams, Warren County sheriff.

Sheriff's deputies said a man went to the elderly woman's house on Highway 401 and flashed a note at the door. The woman let him in, and the man attacked her, they said.

Friends said that the elderly woman will return home from the hospital and that she’s in good spirits.

Neighbors said that the attack prompted them to take increased safety measures.

Many said they fear for their own safety, knowing that someone could come up to a house along a stretch of highway and commit this type of an act.

“I’m concerned about my family,” said Gena Thompson, who lives near the victim.

“I have an elderly grandparent that lives next to us, and she’s there by herself. ... It’s hard to know who may knock on her door,” said Thompson.

Neighbors said they are locking their doors at night and during the day, and they are keeping a lookout.

Clary said she and others will take a “look at their surroundings and watch people that are walking by that are there and usually are not there.”

Williams said that he expects the crime will impact the community.

“When something like this happens, it touches the whole community, because that lady probably has seen three generations, and there is some love in that family,” said Williams.

Deputies said the suspect may have been driving a light-colored, four-door, medium-sized car.

The woman does not see well and was unable to describe her attacker well for police, they said over the weekend.

Anyone with information was asked to call the Warren County Sheriff's Department at 252-257-3364.


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