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Fort Bragg Personnel Burn Brush On Base Property

Posted May 3, 2006 10:36 a.m. EDT

— People who live near Fort Bragg say they have noticed something different about the air. For the past few days, people have complained about the smell of smoke.

The cause of the smoky mystery is a controlled burn that Army personnel are conducting in pine forests on Fort Bragg property. Military officials hope that the burn will kill underbrush and keep the trees and other plant and animal life healthy. They also hope to prevent the possible spread of wildfires in the area.

Officials said that the Fort Bragg area is home to the world's second-largest population of red-cockaded woodpeckers, which is an endangered species. These birds are amongst the different varieties of animals who should be able to graze and roam more freely after the underbrush is removed.

The controlled burns should last for a few more days. Officials say that this is usually done yearly in different areas around the base.