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Deal Puts End To Non-Diet Soda In Schools

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Coke, Pepsi and Schweppes all signed a deal to stop most soda sales in public schools.

The country's largest drink companies can now only sell water, unsweetened juice and low-fat milk to elementary schools. Only diet soda can be sold in high schools.

Districts and state leaders have been working to cut soda consumption because of rising childhood obesity rates. However, in many areas, fewer choices will also mean less money for schools.

Wake County schools has a contract with Pepsi. Pepsi pays the school system to put their vending machines in middle and high schools. Each school receives money from the agreement and a portion of the proceeds from what they sell.

The new restriction only affects vending machines that are not in school cafeterias. Those machines only sell non-carbonated drinks.

School leaders said that tough restrictions on what can be sold in school vending machines are already in place. They said the deal is just another means to ensure kids are not getting too much sugar, even though it could result in less money for the district.


Erin Coleman, Reporter
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