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Water Gardens Latest Landscaping Trend

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WAKE FOREST — There is more to gardening than just plants and flowers. The latest trend is water gardens.

When Heather Mueller wanted to beautify her backyard, she decided to go with a water garden, and got a whole lot more than just beauty. She got a place to relax.

"It's just the most peaceful thing you could ever have. To come out here with a magazine and just sit down and just listen I mean, listen to that. It's wonderful," said Mueller.

Bruce Harris is president of Oasis Water Systems in Wake Forest.

"It's soothing and relaxing to people to hear running water," said Harris.

His company installs water gardens of all shapes and sizes. Most are about two-feet deep, with rocks on the bottom and stacked stone on the sides. Harris says many people like them for the same reason.

"I think that people have very fast-paced lives, very stressful lives. They like the feeling of being able to go home and relax," said Harris.

Most water gardens have some type of waterfall. They can also include plants and fish. And then, a whole eco-system develops.

Seemingly out of nowhere, wildlife such as frogs and toads and turtles and waterbugs and all kinds of different animal life make their home in the pond.

Harris says water gardens are gaining popularity as homeowners put more emphasis on their yards. For Heather Mueller, it is easy to get used to.

"Anyplace that I ever move to, I wil have to have one. Maybe even bigger next time," said Mueller.

Water gardens range in price from $3,000 to $10,000. In case you are wondering, Harris says they usually do not become a breeding ground for mosquitos because the water is too cold.