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Durham Students On The 'RAMP' To Success

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DURHAM — There are everyday uses of math if we can just understand it. Durham students are figuring out how in a unique program called Realizing Achievement in Mathematics Performance (RAMP).

"Our emphasis is on application, problem solving, understanding why you're doing what you're doing," says math coordinator Everly Broadway.

The classes in elementary, middle and high school are often different: no drill and kill.

"The kids might be playing games and the teacher is kind of like a -- for lack of a better word -- M.C., so to speak where he or she is guiding what is happening," says specialist Grayland Williams.

Durham teachers believe anyone can master math if it is presented right just like reading.

"With math, it still has that kind of myth around it that only a certain number of people can do it, and we're trying to blast that out of the water," Broadway says.

The RAMP program has been in use for three years and math test scores are up. Durham officials hope children will take higher-level math courses in high school, which will reduce the need for remedial courses in college.


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