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Back To Class Does Not Mean Back To Classroom For Tarboro Students

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TARBORO — Classes at Patillo School in Tarboro are still being held in trailers, nearly two years after Hurricane Floyd ruined the school's other campus, but help is on the way.

As they walk back to class outside again, students and teachers at Patillo School in Tarboro have just one wish -- to be under one roof again. They have been in trailers every school day since October 1999.

"When kids are in the hallways, you can look out and see everybody and the fellowship and the companionship from teachers," says assistant principal Cheryl Olmstead. "They miss that, and that's one thing we miss."

Since part of the school property is in the 100-year flood plain, officials decided to build their new school up instead of out. With the future looking brighter, teachers say the students and faculty have handled the temporary campus well.

"I think everybody has done exceptionally well," says teacher Rose Parker. "It's not ideal, but we've adapted and life goes on. It's really not that big of a problem."

If construction stays on track, the two-story school should be ready for students this January. Teachers are hoping to move into the new campus during the Christmas holiday break.