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Durham Hillside High School Welcomes New Principal

Posted August 13, 2001 1:57 a.m. EDT

— Freshman students arrived for a half-day orientation at Hillside High Monday. They got an early look at their new school and their new principal.

Hillside principal Henry Pankey hopes to erase the student attendance and achievement problems revealed in an investigation last year. Richard Hicks, the school's former principal, was transferred to the school system's central office.

Students got their first look at the new principal when they arrived at the school Monday morning.

"From what I have heard, he is not as bad as what people have said he is. I'm just coming in with a open mind," says Tiffany Green.

"We want exemplary status. We want to be the most improved school in the state of North Carolina. Within the next three years, we want at least 75 percent of students to achieve profiency in every testing area," Pankey says.

Pankey told the freshmen at the orientation ceremony what he expects for the upcoming school year.

"The party is over. The party is over. There is a new revolution, and it has a name. It is called 'Prep For Success.'"

Pankey also expects 95 percent attendance at the school. The upperclassmen will return to the school on Tuesday.