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Chapel Hill Condominiums Suffer Water Damage After Storm

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CHAPEL HILL — Some residents of Hamlin Park condominiums in Chapel Hill got an unpleasant surprise during last night's storms when the downpour rushed right into their homes.

Ron Royster spent most of Sunday running a wet-vac over the wet carpet in his father's condo.

"When I walked in the door, the first thing I heard was 'squish' under my feet. And as I walked around the house, it was apparent that there was a major flood," said Royster.

There was enough water to soak the bedroom, kitchen, and living area. Next door, the neighbors also had water squishing under their feet.

"There was just water, right here, circled around the furniture, and in the kitchen, it came up to here on my shoe," said Holly McGee.

The buildings at Hamlin Park have storm drains that run from the roof to the ground. When it rains, they collect the water and direct it away from the condos.

But the buildings are being renovated, and Saturday, just before it started raining, crews removed the storm drains from the building. The condos in Royster's building are the only ones that flooded, and residents believe they flooded because the storm drains were removed.

"All the water from the downspouts where they took them off, it was pouring behind our back doors," said McGee.

With more rain in the forecast, residents are afraid this is just the beginning of their problem.

"We're supposed to have rain over the next three days. What's going to happen if it starts raining again?" said Royster.

WRAL contacted the Hamlin Park homeowner's association, and the property management company, but neither commented on the situation.


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