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Raleigh Magician Welcomes Kids Back To School

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RALEIGH — This is an exciting time for students as they head back to school. One Wake County man is making sure it is a magical time as well.

When it comes to magic, no one likes it more than Michael Creech. Recently, Creech helped to kick off Back to School Week at Combs Elementary School in Raleigh.

"Would you guys like to see it disappear?" said Creech, holding up a red scarf.

Creech started teaching himself magic at the age of 11. He performed his first show at the age of 14, and has been wowing young and old ever since.

"We'll get the little scarf all the way into my fist. You guys see it go?" said Creech, holding up his hand to show that the cloth was gone.

A young volunteer came up from the audience and put his hand in a guillotine-like device. The blade dropped, and Creech flapped the youngster's arm around.

"Wait a second, you feeling ok?" asked Creech.

"I thought he was going to cut my hand off but I was brave and I thought it was so funny that he didn't cut my hand," said the young volunteer.

"For the kids especially I try to make them feel as though they made the magic happen. Without them it wouldn't take place," said Creech.

Like any good magician, Creech will not give away his secrets. He says it's practice that makes his illusions look real.

"It's not about being quick. Lot of people say the hand is quicker than the eye. Magicians don't need to be quick. Quick is jerky. Quick is not good. You need to be smooth and natural," said Creech.

"When kids see something magical happen, they brighten up because it's something they don't see everyday and that of course makes it all worthwhile," said Creech.

"You guys have been a great audience. My name is Michael Creech. Have a wonderful day and a good school year," Creech said, concluding his show.

Michael Creech also peforms for adults at corporate picnics and trade shows. He has also begun teaching magic and developing magic props.


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