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Holly Spring Parents Bring First Quad Home From Hospital

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CARY — A Holly Springs family is celebrating a special homecoming. Ted and Julie Pehowic are the proud parents of quadruplets, but only one is strong enough to come home.

Since their birth, June 16, the babies have been in the neo-natal intensive care unit at UNC Hospitals. The Pehowics went through fertility treatments that resulted in their quads.

Rivkah has been enjoying all the attention from Mom and Dad. Her three brothers remain in the hospital, but they are said to be improving.

"She hasn't been as fussy as I thought she would be. I thought she would be keeping me up all night but she's been pretty good," said Julie Pehowic.

"We can't wait to get the rest of them home. It's really nice to have her home with us. We really feel like a family now," said Ted Pehowic.

The Pehowics got some much needed supplies for the babies at a shower in Cary Saturday, thanks to the generosity of friends, family and a number of Triangle businesses.

The Pehowics say they are grateful for all the help they are getting with their quads.

"For a long time, we thought we weren't going to have any children, and then this happens. I don't know how it's going to be when we get them all home. That's when it's all going to sink in," said Ted Pehowic.


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