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Garner Neighborhood Concerned About Possible New Home

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GARNER — A small piece of land is causing a large controversy in Garner. Neighbors say a modular home should not be moving in next door, but town officials say they cannot stop it. Now, members of the subdivision say they are willing to take their case all the way to court.

Tiffany Woods is a quiet neighborhood. A lot of the residents have lived there for 10 to 20 years, and say they do not want to see the character of the neighborhood changed.

"It's old, it's established, and there are nice homes here," said Ted Rollins.

But, now the residents say they are worried about what might end up on an empty lot.

"I've lived in a mobile home and this is a mobile home. It doesn't matter what kind of sticker you put on it, or what kind of label you put on it," said Keith Garwood.

Last week, neighbors found out the lot had been sold, and the new owner plans to put a modular home on it. Ever since then, neighbors have been meeting with town leaders to see what they can do to stop it.

"We've got to do something to maintain the value of the property we have," said William Matthews.

The lot is zoned R-15, and in Garner that means a modular home is allowed. Neighbors say that the town needs to reconsider their zoning.

"It does not conform to the existing neighborhood, and automatically the property is going down in value," said Rollins.

Those who live on this quiet cul-de-sac say they are simply protecting their financial interests.

Some neighbors in Tiffany Wood say they do not have any plans to put out the welcome mat for their new neighbor.

"I wouldn't be nice to anyone that's going to bring something into my neighborhood that will cost me $30,000-40,000. I won't go out of my way to be very nice to them," said one resident.

The neighbors say town officials had considered issuing a stay on the property, but Friday they reconsidered and said everything is perfectly legal for the owner to put a modular home on the property.

Alderman Ronnie Williams said the whole board had not had the chance to consider the issue and would like to take a closer look at the situation. The residents of Tiffany Woods say they plan to meet with a lawyer on Monday.


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