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Rosacea Treatment Makes Difference For Triangle Woman

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CARY — For many people with Rosacea, the red, splotchy skin condition is an embarassing problem. Pills and creams that help reduce the redness have long been available, but now there is a new treatment that makes it disappear.

Tecla Smith has always been embarrassed by the red splotchy patches on her skin caused by Rosacea.

"It was bothering me. Maybe it shouldn't have, but it did," said Smith.

Just about anything can trigger a flare-up.

"It can be sunlight exposure, it can be spicy foods, hot coffee, hot tea, stress, high blood pressure," said dermatologist Robert Johnson.

Creams and pills can help suppress flare-ups. A new treatment, called an epifacial, removes the redness and pimples from the skin. The epifacial delivers bright flashes of light energy to the skin.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes.

"It's not uncomfortable, in my opinion. For me it's not. It feels warm and that's all," said Smith.

Most patients need several treatments to get the results they want.

"Some people will see their response after one treatment, although typically the ideal response will be after four to six treatments," said Johnson.

After four treatments, Tecla cannot believe the difference. Her before and after pictures show how dramatic the change is. She says her friends and family cannot believe how different she looks.

"They notice the difference. They ask me what I've been doing. I say I've been a good girl for a change!" said Smith.

Smith says she also feels different and that her new look is inspiring her to get in shape and take better care of herself.


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