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Cary Plan To Widen Tryon Road Upsets Some Residents

Posted August 9, 2001 4:17 a.m. EDT

— Sometimes a simple road-widening project can simply ruin a neighborhood. Some neighbors along Tryon Road say Cary is ruining their neighborhood, but town officials say safety is the only motive.

Tryon Road will be widened from Raleigh into Cary. The folks who live along that stretch will lose some property and some peace and quiet, but that is not the problem.

Under state law, Cary can widen the road just outside town limits, but the residents say the town limited their input.

"The town is making the decision based on some small bits of information, but not based on what the community feels is best, and I think that's where they're really missing out," said Tryon Road resident Ian Shannon.

Cary wants to put a raised median in when the road is widened. They say it is a safety issue, and safety has a price.

"There is some additional inconvenience to the people who live along the roadway; the 20 homes that directly access this will either have to re-route or make u-turns in some cases," said Cary Director of Engineering Tim Bailey.

Here iss what the town says is safest for Tryon road: four lanes divided by a median. The residents do not want to do u-turns; they want a five-lane undivided highway with a turn lane down the middle.

"They've got their idea of what's gonna happen here and because they think there's so few residents affected, their plan's just gonna go through without getting the feedback from the community here," Tryon Road resident Matt McClymonds

The Cary Town Council will consider the Tryon Road plan Thursday night, and opponents say they will be out in full force.

If approved, construction will start next summer.