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Cell Phones Move To Multitasking

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RALEIGH — Cell phones have become a necessity for many of us, but sometimes we need help getting information while working from our cars.

The modern digital phone offers far more than the ability to talk with friends or business associates. Most wireless services, including Alltel, provide helpful information.

"Find out movie times and driving locations. Possibly get reservations for dinner someplace. Get the weather at a place they're going to be traveling to," says Alltel sales manager Jeff Newman.

Information calls cost 95 cents, plus the air time you use.

"With the communications industry going toward more of a nationwide coverage and nationwide ability to use your phone, it kind of caters more to those needs," Newman says.

Daily horoscopes are also available on some cell phones. Be sure to read your cell phone owner's manual and keep track of new information sent in monthly bills. That is where you'll usually find out about new features and services.


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