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Wolfpack Fans Losing Patience In Coaching Search

Posted April 27, 2006 9:31 a.m. EDT
Updated December 31, 2006 10:54 a.m. EST

— N.C. State is still without a head basketball coach. The administration urges patience. But on Day 26 of the search, four coaches have turned down the job and fans are getting frustrated.

"It's funny, only in North Carolina are we talking about basketball in April," said radio talk show host Kevin Miller.

But the talk continues, on and off the court.

"There's a huge level of frustration and people have just given N.C. State a pass," said Miller. "Think about it, how many times have we heard from media reports, 'This is just what happens.' Can you imagine this happening in Chicago or Philadelphia? It doesn't happen there, it shouldn't be happening here."

Now more than three weeks into the search for Herb Sendek's replacement, Rick Barnes, John Calipari, Steve Lavin and John Beilein are all staying put. Some say it is the tough neighborhood that has coaches passing on the job.

"You've got two of the biggest dogs in college basketball, Duke and Carolina," said Miller. "State fans don't want to be second-fiddle or third-fiddle to anybody."

Others say it was the tough crowd. Many fans were unhappy with Sendek, and that played a big role in his decision to leave.

"We have not helped ourselves," said Board of Trustees Chairman Wendell Murphy. "In fact, I think we've shot ourselves in the foot in that regard."

But university officials say that this is not the time for Wolfpack fans to panic.

"This is just a significant time in the life of the university, and I would ask for patience," said Chancellor James Oblinger. "I think our fans are being patient, but I understand. We're in Day 26, if my math is correct. Virginia took six weeks."

Even if it takes six weeks or six months, the administration says it does not matter. They just want the right man so they can score a national title.

Murphy said the school does not feel slighted by the four coaches who turned down the job. He said they are just doing what they have decided is best for them.