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Alleged Thieves Bungle Getaway From Cary Fire Station

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CARY, N.C. — Firefighters at Station Four in Cary are quick to help out in cases of emergency. But just days ago, police say a couple of thieves made the employee lot an unsafe place to park.

Firefighters were getting ready to head home after a 24-hour shift over the weekend when they noticed something was wrong.

"One found that one was broken into," said Cary Police spokesman Capt. David Wulff. "Then, he looked around and it turned out there were seven, and a trailer broken into."

Police say some of the windows on the cars were smashed and a lock on the trailer was busted.

"Personnel out here were very upset that this occurred," said Cary Fire Chief Michael Cooper.

As it turns out, the suspects left behind a trail of blood that proved to be their downfall. It lead investigators to a fence near an apartment complex next to the fire station.

The trail did not end there. Investigators said the trail lead them to a doorstep in the apartment complex, and two brothers who they say confessed to the crime.

Police said 23-year-old Jacob LaRose and his 21-year-old brother, Joshua LaRose, initially denied the crime. However, one of the men had a fresh cut and they could not explain a Cary firefighters jacket lying in the corner of the room.

"It was fortunate the officer spent the extra time and the initiative to follow the blood trail," said Wulff.

"We were very fortunate," said Cooper. "Police did a good job recovering the items that were stolen."

Joshua LaRose posted bond, but Jacob LaRose remains in the Wake County jail. Cary police are looking into whether the LaRose brothers may be responsible for other unsolved burglaries.


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