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Audit Finds Misuse Of State Computer In Treasurer's Office

Posted April 26, 2006 8:53 a.m. EDT

— An audit of State Treasurer Richard Moore's office says a high-ranking employee misused his state computer for political purposes.

The guidelines are spelled out in state government policy. Employees are only supposed to use state equipment for state purposes. Acting on a tip, the state auditor sent investigators to check on Moore's office.

According to a


released Wednesday, auditors found evidence that former Chief Deputy Joe Stewart had been conducting political work on his state computer. Investigators found hundreds of files related to Moore's campaign.

Personnel records indicate Stewart left the Treasurer's office in February of last year, before the audit. Moore says he had no knowledge of any misuse of state computers. Following a recommendation from the auditor, he says he is making sure his employees know that it's improper to use state equipment for personal or political reasons.

Moore is considered a likely candidate for governor.