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Rocky Mount Homeowners Say They Got Raw Deal From Siding Company

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ROCKY MOUNT — If you have siding on your home, you will eventually need to replace it, but some Rocky Mount homeowners who all hired the same company to replace their siding say they got a raw deal so they called Five On Your Side.

They all hired Brian Ainsley, owner of the Siding and Window Outlet of Knightdale. They each say Ainsley did a poor job and making matters worse will not respond to their phone calls.

"It was on backwards," said homeowner Alice Hux. "The siding was on backwards."

Backwards in the sense the vinyl siding seams were most visible from the street.

"You would have said, 'Well, golly Pete, look at them seams in her house,'" she said.

Hux said the siding was also pieced together.

"This was the last place he fixed, and I think he was running out of material, so he was just using cut pieces that he had," she said.

Hux said that is what she got after paying Brian Ainsley, owner of Siding and Window Outlet, $2,700 to replace the siding on her home. She says the job was so bad that she had to hire someone else to re-do it. She also claims new insulation she was promised as part of the price was not installed.

Three of Hux's neighbors also hired Ainsley and paid him $2,700 each and also complained to Five On Your Side. Hux showed Five On Your Side some of the problems at neighbor Glenda Murray's home. A dryer vent cover was never put back on.

"He just done a shoddy job," she said.

Hux and the others say they repeatedly tried to reach Ainsley by phone.

"I couldn't tell you the number of times I called -- in the daytime, and at night. [There was] no way you could get up with that man," she said.

Five On Your Side, too, tried repeatedly to reach Ainsley by phone and even made several attempts to talk to him at his business, which he operates out of his home, but Ainsley never called us back. Five On Your Side will keep trying to find him.

As for Hux, she does not want any more backwards, pieced-together repair jobs. She has also set some new hiring rules to keep it from happening again.

"I won't hire anybody I don't personally know. If I don't personally know you, don't bother knocking on my door," she said.

Hux and her neighbors hired Ainsley based on an ad they saw. Before you hire anyone to do work on or around your home, you need to get references and then check them.

Get the references from people who are in the process of having the work done, just had it done, or had it completed six months to a year ago. That way, you can make sure they are consistent through out the whole process.


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