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Local Grassroots Efforts Netting Results

Posted August 7, 2001 12:48 p.m. EDT

— Should opponents of Coker Towers win their fight, it will be another example of successful grassroots movement.

In the last couple of years, such efforts have gotten results:

  • Last week, hundreds of residents rallied against a tax increase in front of the state legislature.
  • In January 2001, Chatham County residents successfully lobbied commissioners to reject a planned regional landfill near Moncure.
  • In 1999, Wake County voters rejected a multi-million dollar education bond referendum.
  • "Anytime you get people together, if they're educated about the facts and they make what they think is the right decision based on the information that have, that's a good thing," says Jonathan Hill, director of Citizens for a Sound Economy.

    Hill says citizen activists are recognizing they can make a difference.

    Neighbors fighting the Coker plan say their coalition has grown from 35 people to more than 1,000.