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Fayetteville Residents Speak Out Against Proposed Group Home

Posted August 6, 2001 3:30 a.m. EDT

— People who live in one Fayetteville neighborhood are concerned about the possibility of a group home moving in.

More than 200 people who live behind the Eutaw Village Shopping Center signed a petition against the proposed development, which they will take to the city council Monday night. Woodbridge Alternative wants a home on Stamper Road to be rezoned for its offices.

If the citizens' request is not approved, the owner says he will use it as a group home for young sex offenders.

"The basic documents of the county guarantee life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If the intrusions of a corporation or company coming into a neighbor challenges those principles, I believe we certainly have a case," says homeowner Andreas Ringl.

The Greenwood Homes community watch is in the process of hiring an attorney to fight the plans.