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IBM Offers More Secure Notebook Computers

Posted August 3, 2001 1:55 a.m. EDT

— IBM introduces the next generation of notebook machines with added security in mind.

IBM's Thinkpad T-23 is able to operate without wires on the Internet or on a virtual private network.

"So now, we have the functionality of the network adapter, the functionality of a wireless LAN adapter and its associated antennas required to communicate, all embedded in the machine," says docking product manager Ray Salgado.

There are no external cards to slide in. Everything is built into the machine, including a special chip right on the motherboard that provides strong security even on the Internet.

"(For) the data that's critical or important, you can use the security chip, and the software we provide to easily encrypt the file and then de-crypt it," says product security manager Arsen Varjabedian.

IBM was the first to use the chip, first in its desktop machines and now notebooks. Add-on devices like a proximity badge make the Thinkpad T-23 even more secure. The badge logs the machine on and off based on how close you are to the machine.