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Raleigh Woman Tries To Raise Money For Liver Transplant

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RALEIGH — Waiting for an organ transplant to save your life is an ordeal most of us could never even imagine

But the on top of this, what if you had to raise tens of thousands of dollars to pay your medical bills? This is a common story for transplant recipients, including Maxine Campbell, who is waiting for a liver transplant.

"A lot of times I get real tired, that's my biggest thing is the tiredness. Two years ago when I went on the transplant list, they said I'd be dead in two years," Campbell said.

Medicare will cover 80 percent of the transplant, but patients -- like Campbell -- pay many other related costs out-of-pocket. The National Foundation for Transplants recommends that she raise $50,000.

"It's really overwhelming to think about the cost of it," said Campbell.

Helen Moody heads Campbell's Transplant Committee, which is trying to raise the money.

"We've done a cookbook in honor of Maxine Campbell, we've done bake sales. She is such an uplifting and motivating person to all of us, and we pray that we will be here for her when she is in need of us," said Moody.

Fund-raisers for Campbell have gotten creative. They put out a calendar asking people to give small donations on every day of the month. A penny for every can of food in your house, a nickel for every state you have visited, a dime for every soda you've had on a particular day -- the hope is that small change will add up to big results.

"I just keep my eyes focused on God, that's it, that's it," said Campbell.

Though the costs of the actual transplant are steep, patients also take medications which cost thousands of dollars as well.


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