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Fayetteville Man Stabs Four; Witnesses Describe Attacks

Posted August 6, 2001 6:41 a.m. EDT

— Fayetteville police say a group home resident used a six-inch hunting knife to stab two people who live at the home with him before walking up the street to a nearby gas station with an attached restaurant and stabbing two people there.

Authorities say 60-year-old Bobby Bradshaw stabbed two people, Carey Castleberry, 46, and Theresa Sarant, 27, and attempted to stab a third person at the Arbor Residential Treatment Facility where he resides.

He later walked to the Exxon/Burger King on Ramsey Street. Police say Bradshaw walked into the Exxon portion of the building, bought a soda and stabbed 23-year-old Natasha Wilson, a customer there.

"We heard this loud scream coming from the convenience store. I knew something was wrong," said a witness.

He then walked to the back of the Burger King and stabbed an employee, Tony Watson, 33.

"I saw him stabbing the Burger King guy. He was trying to close the door to prevent him from going in there," said witness Yolanda Gilchrist.

Bradshaw was later taken into custody by police.

Castleberry, Sarant and Watson are all listed in stable condition at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Wilson is listed in serious but stable condition.

Bradshaw had a history of mental illness and a prior criminal record. He was incarcerated on February 8, 1975 for second-degree murder, breaking and entering, assault and larceny. He was released from prison on August 24, 1993.

A Burger King employee says Bradshaw is a regular customer, and they have never had problems with him before.

The residents of the group home are clients of Cumberland County Mental Health. A spokesperson for the home says they have never had a problem with Bradshaw, but they are looking all sorts of scenarios, including whether he missed some of his medication.

"There was no precursor, no predicator, no provocation. We're really not sure what happened," said Denise Lucas of Cumberland County Mental Health.

Neighbor Matt McMorris comforted one of the people stabbed at the group home. He and others who live close by say they have never had problems with the home.

"Mr. Bobby's the last one we worried about having something happening over there," said McMorris.

Bradshaw has been charged and bond is set at $50,000.