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Fayetteville Ambulance Crashes

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FAYETTEVILLE — An ambulance on its way to an accident was in an accident itself Thursday, colliding with a car on Fayetteville's Bragg Boulevard, which in turn set off another accident.

"All of a sudden, I heard a horrific, horrific sound. I looked out the window and just saw the ambulance topple over the car. It turned about twice and then landed face up," said witness Tammy Myatt, a lactation specialist who was making a home visit in the area.

The ambulance was heading down Bragg Boulevard to another accident, but never made it. Police say the ambulance somehow lost control and hit the other vehicle.

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital. So was paramedic Benny Williams, who was a passenger in the ambulance. He was complaining of neck and back injuries. The ambulance driver, Nicole Solon, was not injured.

"I was devastated, especially to see the ambulance people, the ones trying to help, were hurt," said Brandie Holmes, who also witnessed the accident.

Traffic was backed up on Bragg Boulevard as police tried to sort out the crash scene when another accident happened, involving two cars. A taxi driver and another driver were taken to the hospital.

Police say the ambulance did have its lights and sirens on, and that it is too early to determine if charges will be filed. No patients were in the ambulance at the time of the accident.


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