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New Channels, Charges Added To Cable Lineup

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RALEIGH — Flipping through the channels could take a little longer if you are a Triangle

Time Warner Cable


The cable company has restructured its channel lineup. More than 440,000 cable customers in the Triangle will see more channels and new charges on their bill.

Standard Tier:

Starting Tuesday, the cable company adds six new channels to its standard service tier.

Those channels include The Disney Channel, ESPN Classic, The History Channel, Country Music Television, Women's Entertainment and Oxygen, a channel designed for women by Oprah Winfrey.

These channels come at a cost of an extra $1.95 per month.

Digital Cable:

Customers who pay for digital premium channels will also have more to choose from.

There will be four additional HBO channels, four Cinemax channels and six Showtime channels are coming to the small screen.

Bloomberg News and Great American County will also be added at no additional charge.

"By moving these channels into the standard tier we simply feel like we're delivering a great product at a great price, and in this competitive market, that's what's really important," says Brad Phillips of Time Warner Cable.

Time Warner customers should have received inserts in their last bill about the change.


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