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Parents Of Dead Teens Return Home

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KENLY, N.C. — About 24 hours after Nissa and Kent Warren's three children were discovered dead in their home, the couple returned there for the first time, while officials try to determine exactly what happened. They will not say whether all three were murdered or if suicide might be involved.

The teens' parents met with investigators at the Johnston County courthouse complex twice after the children's bodies were discovered in the family's home Thursday afternoon. Investigators describe the Warrens as grief-stricken and cooperative.

Investigators say the parents told them they had not seen their children for about four hours. Their father was at work all day; their mother had just started a new job.

"The parents were interviewed for probably a couple of hours. They are being cooperative with the investigation. At this time, as far as a suspect in this case, one has not been developed," said Capt. Dale Wheeler of the Johnston County Sheriff's department. "All avenues are being pursued to figure out exactly what happened here."

Investigators say Nissa Warren explained she was alone when she found Marnie Rose Warren, 19, Brandon Keith Warren, 14, and Bradley Kyle Warren, 13, all dead from gunshot wounds.

Investigators say they did find a gun in the home. They will not specify what kind, or how many times the children were shot.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell would not confirm or deny that all three teens were found naked in the home.

Bizzell described the house where the children were found as unsanitary, unusual, and inhumane, with animals of all sorts having free rein inside and outside the house, and he believes these conditions raised concerns about the children's welfare.

"The children were allowed to stay there on a limited basis. There were some restrictions, but we don't know the results of that yet," Bizzell said.

Autopsy reports are not yet available. Officials hoped to receive the reports Friday afternoon, and now say they may have more information Monday afternoon.

The Warrens returned to the home around 4:15 p.m. Friday, fed a few animals, left, then returned again after 5 p.m.


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