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Methodist College Program Brings Russian Students To U.S.

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FAYETTEVILLE — Congress is considering a bill that will bring Russian students to America on college scholarships. The goal is to help the country develop a free market system. A similar program was developed at Methodist College in Fayetteville two years ago, and students like Jenya Sologub of Moscow are already enrolled.

The 22-year-old is studying accounting and finance at Methodist College as part of a program called Arrive. Developed by the school's president, Dr. Elton Hendricks, its goal is to boost Russia's economy by teaching its people the value of entrepreneurship and capitalism.

As part of the program, students must promise to return to Russia and become working capitalists who promote the free market system.

"People need to think about the economy and do business in a different way than we used to do, so that's why I came here," said Sologub.

Helping the unstable country make the transition to a free enterprise economy can open new markets for American goods. But Hendricks says the United States has even more to gain from this partnership.

"If that country is unstable, it puts us at risk. This is a society that has a lot of high-tech weaponry," said Hendricks.

Hendricks realizes change will not come overnight, but he believes Methodist can help make a difference one student at a time.

Hendricks said the goal of this program is consistent with the school and the Methodist church's global mission to promote peace and justice.


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