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Kenly Neighbors React To Shooting

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KENLY — People who live near the scene of the shooting offered some details about the family soon after Thursday's shooting.

Neighbor Francis Jones says Nissa Warren, the mother of the three teens, spoke with her shortly after discovering their dead bodies.

"She stopped me in the road and told me, she kept going, she said, 'My children are dead.' She said, 'They're naked. They're on the floor and they're dead,'" says Jones.

"She was just repeating herself over and over, like she might have been in shock, because it was like, there was no emotion, but it was like she couldn't believe it," Jones says.

Jones was also there when the children's father arrived at the home.

"Her husband, when he came home and they told him, he fell down on the ground and about passed out and started crying," she says. "He was really upset."

Neighbors say the family moved to the home about three or four years ago from Arizona. They say the mother homeschooled the children and the father worked at the Piggly Wiggly in Princeton.

Neighbors say the family kept to itself, and that the home they occupied was no place to live.

"It was really unhealthy for anyone to be living there," says Krystal Radford.

Neighbors say the trailer was an eyesore in the small farming community and a health concern.

"Sometimes you'd walk outside of my house and it stunk so bad you didn't want to stay out there. If you walked past her house, you'd pass out," Radford says.

Neighbor Sallie Wells says, "most of the people were concerned about their health, the water supply, the different things, because there're so many animals."

Neighbors say goats, chickens, pigs and horses constantly ran unattended in and out of the house and into the road.

"Social Service had been in and had threatened to take the children if they did not clean up their property and everything," says neighbor Margaret Edgerton.

Local residents say the teenagers had in fact been removed from the home at least a month ago and were staying with neighbors down the road. They say they were shocked the teens were even in the home Thursday.

"It's just sickening," Wells says. "It just makes me sick to my stomach because I have children of my own, and grandchildren, and it just hurts."

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