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Golf Course Geese Flee Border Collies In Boats

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RALEIGH — If you live near water, you know that geese can be a big nuisance. They are a major problem for golf courses, which like to keep their greens and paths pristine.

North Ridge country club in Raleigh used fireworks, fences, and chemicals to try to get rid of the birds. They even talked about euthanizing them. But now, it looks like the club finally has a solution that works.

They are putting border collies in boats to patrol the water, which scares the geese.

"It has worked, and we're confident that they'll be able to maintain it," said David Feld of GeesePeace.

"The geese need the water for safety, so if you deny them that, you've solved the problem in the area that surrounds that body of water," said Feld.

Not only has it worked, it has satisfied animal rights' groups who had hoped for a humane solution to the problem.

"It's the best solution, and the best part about it is that everybody's happy," said Mondy Lamb of the Wake County Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals.

GeesePeace volunteers will hang around for a few more days to make sure the geese are really gone. They are teaching the staff how to keep the birds from coming back. They say the next important step is to put corn oil on the goose eggs in the fall when they nest to prevent the population from increasing.


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