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Ticket Scalpers, Buyers Beware As Hurricanes Make Cup Run

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RALEIGH, N.C. — As the Carolina Hurricanes' run for the Stanley Cup starts, the Canes' front office is getting a jump start on ticket scalpers.

The organization is going high-tech to take down the online brokers.

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The Hurricanes encourage people to resell their tickets right in front of the RBC Center if they cannot use them. It is OK as long as sellers do not charge more than $3 over face value. But if the selling price goes above $3 over and the Canes find out, that ticket is void and will not get you in the door.

To protect against price gouging, the Canes' front office is patrolling online sites, looking for overpriced tickets.

They started the practice after the 2002 run for the Stanley Cup, when brokers bought up big sections of seats and resold them at enormous prices.

"We just want people to have a good experience and the only way we can guarantee that is if we know you have purchased your ticket from a legitimate ticket source," said Dave Olsen, RBC Center general manager.

Fans can get tickets at two places that are guaranteed -- the ticket office at the RBC Center, and through Ticketmaster.

Those tickets sell from $25 to $135.

Right now, about 1,000 tickets are still available for Saturday night's game.

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