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Moore Poultry Farm Ruffles Neighbors' Feathers

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MOORE COUNTY, N.C. — Martin and Diane Kenny picked a spot of land in rural Moore County for a reason -- the water, the view, and the colors.

"I love living out here more than anything in the world," said Diane Kenny. "I just love it out here. Who wouldn't love it?"

Plus, they have space for all their livestock. But it is the chickens next door that ruffle their feathers. Their neighbor moved in a year ago and built four chicken houses. When the wind is right, the smell is wrong.

"On a still warm day, I can see it floating in my house," said Martin Kenny. "Like on a hot day, you can see waves. With the stench, I can't open my windows."

They want someone to crack down on the farmer, but Moore County officials cannot do a thing. Officials say the farm does not break any zoning rules and the owner met all soil and water requirements. In fact, they say he is in good standing and they even used the word "proactive" to describe him.

Still, the Kennys are afraid their property value will go down. And they say the odor will get worse as the weather warms up.

"We just don't know what to do about it," said Diane Kenny. "I know we can't continue living like this."

They do not want to move, because they chose this place. Then again, so did the farmer. WRAL was unable to reach the chicken farmer, but a worker said he works hard to comply with local regulations.