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Wake School Board, Commissioners To Meet About Trimmed Construction Bond

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Wake County Board of Education will meet with county commissioners Wednesday to discuss a proposed school construction bond presented to them last week by school system administrators.

The trimmed bond proposal would save $150 million and keep the bond money school leaders are requesting under $1 billion over a three-year period. But in the first of four meetings to discuss the bond, school board members had many questions, particularly ones surrounding a proposed year-round school calendar affecting nearly all of Wake County's elementary schools.

Under the proposal, four "tracks" of students would use the same building, but be in class at rotating times throughout the year. Because the building is in constant use, more students can attend the current schools and fewer new schools need to be built.

The current plan on the table calls for conversion of 59 elementary schools to year-round schedules.

Most middle schools and high schools would also see their schedule tweaked in order to line up vacation time with year-round calendars.

The school board has until mid-May to vote on the proposed bond.