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New Super Aspirin May Help Protect Your Heart Even Better

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RALEIGH — For years, aspirin has been the pill of choice for people with heart disease. Now, a so-called super aspirin may provide an extra layer of protection.

The drug Plavix helps prevent blood from clotting in the arteries, which can lead to a heart attack. Studies show Plavix can reduce the risk of having a second heart attack by 20 percent. When combined with aspirin, it is even more effective.

"One could think of Plavix as an adjunct to aspirin [in] that, in combination with aspirin, [it] works better at reducing someone's chances for a second heart attack," says cardiologist Dr. Joel Schneider.

Plavix has not been studied to see if it helps prevent attacks for people who are at risk for a heart disease. With Plavix, there is a risk for bleeding. People with ulcers or bleeding problems may not be candidates.

Information about Plavix is relatively new. It will take time for this information to spread through the medical community and for physicians to place patients on the Plavix-aspirin therapy.


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