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Special Farm Has Fishy Recipe For Success

Posted July 25, 2001 11:06 a.m. EDT

— It is not likely you have ever seen a farm like Southern Tilapia Farms. There are no tractors or neat rows, but rather stainless steel tanks and concrete for the fish.

R.C. Hunt started his fish farm in Franklin County seven years ago.

"It has been a long-term project for us," he says. "We developed our hatchery operation and our production unit in Franklin County, and we have been working very hard on the production side of the business.

Southern Tilapia Farms is expanding with a new processing and marketing center in Nash County.

"We've got 16,000 square feet there, and it is going to be state-of-the-art," he says.

Right now, the fish are being shipped on ice, sometimes even alive, to places like Washington, D.C., New York and Toronto. Currently, the farm is marketing more than 5,000 pounds of seafood a year.

There are also plans to build another production unit in Wilson County.