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Second-Hand Appliances Get Fresh Start In Rocky Mount

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ROCKY MOUNT — Hundreds of appliances and fixtures that could have been thrown away after Hurricane Floyd are getting a new life in Rocky Mount.

Instead of landing in a landfill, the items will be installed in low-income houses through Rocky Mount's community development program. Everything is practically new. None of the items were under floodwater. They were all put in after the flood.

In most cases, the items were installed by homeowners who chose to temporarily fix up their homes while waiting for the government buyout. Once the city buys the homes, the items are considered fair game.

"If the person went in and rehabilitated their house, we go in and do an assessment and say, 'Yes, there are some good materials in there,' and we take these components out,' says community development administrator Vanessa McCleary. "If it was not rehabilitated, we don't touch it."

Low-income families will benefit and taxpayers will save grant money. There are still hundreds of homes yet to be cleaned out. In all, Rocky Mount will buy out about 500 buildings.