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Holly Springs Residents Turn Up Their Noses To Proposed Landfill

Posted July 24, 2001 5:52 a.m. EDT

— People in Holly Springs are turning up their noses at plans to open another landfill in their town.

There are already two construction-debris landfills in Holly Springs, but now the county also wants to build a solid waste dump there. A private company wants to open another 40-acre construction landfill south of Highway 55.

The residents who live in the neighborhood where the proposed landfill would be are saying enough is enough.

"They're concerned because they have built new houses. The houses that have been built down the road are very nice homes, and they have only been here about four or five or six years," says Greg Whitehouse who opposed the proposed landfill. "This particular dump, in question, would come in back of their homes."

The company that wants to run the landfill will ask the county for a special permit next month.