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Cumberland County Commissioners Approve Property Tax Increase

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — No one wants to see their property taxes go up, but despite efforts to avoid a tax hike, Cumberland County Commissioners voted for one late Tuesday.

The increase is part of a budget compromise with the Board of Education. Homeowners in Cumberland County will now pay 92.5 cents on every $100.

It is one of the highest property tax rates in the state, and Cumberland is the only low-wealth county in the top ten.

According to the John Locke Foundation, people who live in Cumberland County have an overall higher tax burden than most counties. The percentage of income paid in taxes has increased by ten percent from 1992 until 1999 compared to Durham's five percent. Wake County actually saw a decrease.

Amy Cannon, finance director for Cumberland County, says recruiting industry to expand the county's tax base will be vital in the days and months to come. For now, she is encouraging homeowners to pay their tax bills by the end of August.

"Homeowners could take advantage of a two percent discount and really negate the property tax increase," she says.

Some seniors may be eligible for help in paying their property taxes. They can apply at the Cumberland County tax office for an elderly exemption.


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