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Raleigh Council Considers Traffic Camera Test

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RALEIGH — Raleigh leaders may start using traffic cameras to catch drivers who run red lights.

Council members are considering a plan to install ten cameras on a trial basis. The cameras snap a picture, and the city would mail the driver a $50 ticket.

City councilman Mark Scruggs says the cameras save money and manpower. It can take eight police officers to run a red-light sting at just one intersection.

"That's six to eight officers I would much prefer out solving homicides, robberies, rapes. We need the manpower on the streets," he says.

Some drivers say it is a good idea, but others worry it could get complicated.

"There's too many ways to get out of it. What are they going to do about that," asked one motorist. "You could say someone else was driving. My husband drives my car as much as I do. What happens if he runs it?"

City officials say they are drafting a red-light ordinance with those questions in mind. Council members could vote in about a month on whether to install the traffic cameras.


Stephanie Hawco, Reporter
Kamal Wallace, Web Editor

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