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Construction Could Make Getting To RDU Difficult

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — If you are planning to fly out of RDU International this weekend, you should plan to give yourself a little extra time.

Tunnel Road, which connects Terminal Boulevard to park-and-ride lots 2 and 4, is closed for construction. You will need to go all the way around the airport, using I-540, to get to those lots.

The construction project that started Saturday delayed some travelers, who did not set aside enough time for a detour and missed their flight.

Priscilla Fuller was supposed to be on her way to Chicago. But she did not know about the construction on Tunnel Road.

"I didn't know the construction was going on so of course when ever I got here I was running behind anyways, and it just made me later and I missed my flight," said Fuller.

The road that connects park- and-ride Lots 2 and 4 to the terminals closed to traffic early Saturday morning.

"(The road) was built in 1985, and it's really badly deteriorated from all of the heavy shuttle bus activity with park-and-ride lots 4 and 2 that are on the other side of Tunnel Road," said RDU Spokesperson Teresa Damiano.

The road normally carries up to 40 buses an hour. Now, those buses and cars have to go all the way around the airport via I-540. Airport officials are asking you to add 20 minutes to your commute while the construction takes place.

For example, it normally takes a shuttle bus two minutes to get from park-and-ride lot 4 to terminal C. Now the ride takes nine minutes.

RDU officials also added four shuttle buses to help speed things up in the parking lots. Traffic going from I-40 and I-540 directly to terminals won't be effected.

The good news is this project is only expected to last a week. Tunnel Road should be back open next Saturday night or Sunday morning.


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