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Fayetteville Woman Scratched In Sleep By Bat

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FAYETTEVILLE — Over the past few months, several stories involving animals and rabies have been reported in the Triangle and the surrounding counties. Those incidents involved dogs, raccoons, and even foxes, but a Fayetteville woman may have been infected with rabies while she was asleep in her own bed.

Nicole Hill found several bats in her home. She even woke up one morning and found claw marks on her neck. Animal Control has no way of knowing if the bats have rabies, because Hill set them free.

"Not all bats carry rabies, it's a small percentage of them. The problem is, when you find a bat inside your house, you don't know if it does or does not have rabies," said Sgt. Jonny Smith of Animal Control.

Hill will have to have a series of painful shots over the next several weeks just in case the bat that scratched her was infected with rabies.


Julian King, Web Editor

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