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Jurassic Park Returns

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RALEIGH — The dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are back, but this time on a different island. "Jurassic Park III" opens Wednesday, and is likely to be a box office hit.

You can visit the island online to get a taste, but be forewarned: the raptors may get a taste of you!

Isla Sorna is a really scary place. A breeding ground of prehistoric dinosaurs, it has been quarantined for years.

This thriller is not based on a Michael Crichton book, and Steven Spielberg is not the director.

The movie has a Web site, as most movies do these days, and it is really an adventure.

You begin on the beach and must search for stuff like a camera, a book, and smoke bombs. They help you survive the dinosaurs. When you find the camcorder, you can watch the movie trailer.

The smoke bomb comes in handy as you move around the island using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The site is fun, but the sound effects are sometimes frightening, like when you get too close to the Velociraptor nest.

If you get off the beach, you might find your way to the gorge. Remember, you are looking for things to help you escape. You might run into a mean looking dinosaur there -- good thing you have the smoke bomb!

You can also find a cave, and of course there is danger there as well, and you might not survive. The game lets you keep playing, though, and that is the fun of it, until you get to the theater.


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