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State Law Allows Illegal Immigrants To Get Driver's Licenses

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RALEIGH — Thousands of illegal immigrants are taking advantage of a little-known state law that allows them to get a driver's license.

Last year, 180,000 Hispanics received a driver's license in North Carolina. Some critics say that number is so high because the state allows undocumented or illegal immigrants to get licenses.

Wayne Hurder of the

state Division of Motor Vehicles

says it is better to have insured drivers, who know the rules of the road, regardless of their immigration status.

"It's not whether North Carolina has better motor vehicle laws. It's whether you can come here and get a good job, make money and be able to send money back to Mexico, so we know they're going to come here," he says. "Chances are great that once they come here, they're going to be driving, so we want them to learn the laws of the road for North Carolina.

Virginia, Tennessee, Utah and Texas have a similar law that allows illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses.


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