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Geese Continue To Call Golf Course Home

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RALEIGH — Birdies and eagles are usually a welcome sight on golf courses and mean that a golfer is playing well.

A country club in North Raleigh has some uninvited geese that will not go away, and has gotten permission to take drastic measures to clean up the course.

About 250 Canada geese have made the North Ridge Country Club their home. The grass there is brown and there are dropping and feathers throughout the grounds.

The country club says it has run out of solutions and has been told by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to euthanize the geese.

Animal rights activists are not happy with the decision.

"Government sometimes takes the very short road to solutions," says Gina Wilson of PETA. "Many people may think they're animals and they're just a nuisance so they simply discard them. Why get rid of them like they were nothing?"

PETA submitted a letter to the country club on Tuesday suggesting it has not tried all options.

An infectious disease expert says goose droppings do not pose a health risk, but the course feels the geese are a nuisance.

The club has asked its members to keep quiet about the situation.


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