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Small Post Offices Could Be Cancelled Under Plan

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WILSON'S MILLS — The idea to end Saturday mail delivery did not fly, so now the

U.S. Postal Service

is considering closing small post offices completely.

People in rural areas would be affected most, and North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge vows to fight the plan.

For more than 30 years, the Wilson's Mills Post Office has been Joe Frazier's daily stop.

"You can come here and find people maybe that you haven't seen in a few days coming in and out. This is Mayberry east of Winston-Salem," says Frazier.

There are no delivery routes in this rural part of Johnston County, just 450 mailboxes on the wall and plenty of neighborly conversation.

"This is Mayberry east of Winston-Salem," says Scott Hales, postal officer in charge.

Etheridge says that could be lost if the U.S. Postal Service tries to save money by closing rural offices.

"Where are we going to go? I'd have to go all the way to Clayton or Smithfield or Selma," says Frazier. "That would be an inconvenience completely."

As a taxpayer, Frazier says he deserves to hang on to his daily routine and his sense of community.

"We want our post office to stay here, " he says."We don't need to be going someplace else."

No specifics of the U.S. Postal Service report have been made public. However, Etheridge says he is not taking any chances. He is pushing to keep a moratorium on post office closings in effect.