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Triangle Residents Plan To Spend Tax Refunds On Kids, Vacations

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RALEIGH — If you paid taxes this year, you'll get money back from Uncle Sam. Tax rebates range from $300 for adults to $600 for families. The checks are not in the mail yet, but many Triangle taxpayers already know how they are going to spend the money.

Most families will get about $600 from Uncle Sam. A lot of parents told us they will set it aside for their children.

"Got some bills. Kids and bills," said one dad.

"(We'll)catch up on some bills. Do some school shopping," said a mother.

"Hopefully,(we'll) deposit it in (our daughter's) account and save it for a college fund. Any extra money we have usually goes there," said another parent.

Others say "found" money should be spent just for funlike a family getawayor a special day with the kids.

"We'd put it towards a vacation, I think. In fact, I'm sure that's what we'd do," said one mother.

"I'd spend it on the kids. Do something fun, there's a lot to do, in this area, in the triangle, so we'd put it back in the community," said Mick Bodino.

Or just put it back in your pocket. After all, it is your money.

"Considering I paid $7,000 in taxes last year, $600 wouldn't hurt. That'd be nice," said David Kube.

While you are thinking about how to spend your rebate, check your mailbox to find out how much it is worth. Letters are going out in mid-July to tell taxpayers how much money they'll get back.

The rebates themselves will be mailed between late July and late September.


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