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Tetanus In Short Supply

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RALEIGH — Better watch out for those rusty nails, because there is a shortage of tetanus.

The shot is given to kids and, every ten years, to adults for help in fighting infection from wounds. But one of the two companies that used to make it no longer does, causing a shortage.

If you need a booster or just have a minor wound that is clean, Health officials say it is OK to put it off. But there are some high-priority situations.

"If (someone encounters) a situation where they have a severe wound and they contract some type of puncture wound involving a rusty nail or feces or contaminated soil, then of course that physician's going to recommend that they go to the hospital or the local health department to get their (tetanus) booster shot," said Jeff Rivenbark, of North Carolina Public Health.

Tetanus supplies should be available the first part of next year.


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