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Cumberland County Commissioners, School Board, Continue Budget Fight

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FAYETTEVILLE — The waiting continues for Cumberland County schools, but at Reid Ross Classical School, a new year begins on Monday and teachers are anxious to put the budget dispute behind them.

The summer is already over for teacher Bobby Dyne McMillan, but with a new year comes the old business of school funding that still has not been resolved after more than two months.

"I'm really excited about this year, (but) I think that the people who are in control really need to take a look and see how important education is," said McMillan.

School Board Chairman Diane Wheatley already knows. Despite a $3.1 million compromise by county commissioners on Thursday, Wheatley says that is still not enough.

"They're cutting $5.7 million from the school board's same budget we had last year, and we've already cut $8 million," she said.

"We have been willing to go and give and try to come up with ways to make this work," says Commissioner Lee Warren.

Until then, McMillan says at least in her classroom, it will be business as usual.

"Whatever happens is not going to affect the way I teach my children," she said.

On Monday at 1:00 p.m., the school board will hold a special meeting to consider the commissioner's proposal. Monday will also be the first day of school for the nine year-round schools in the county.


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