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One-Man Show Takes Circus To New Heights

Posted July 19, 2001 7:38 a.m. EDT

— A unique circus has come to town, but this circus has no ringmaster or elephants parading around.

The North Carolina Museum of Art is hosting "Circus Factory" in its outdoor theater, where David Dmitri transforms his physical feats into performance art.

The son of a famous clown, Dmitri, of Switzerland, grew up in the circus. He reached great heights walking high wires around the world. Finally he decided to put all his talents on the line in a one-man show.

"I'm a circus man now deciding no more circus, now it's theater," Dmitri said.

Dmitri's theater comes from his imagination and the back of a truck. Circus Factory features a homemade cannon.

"It shoots out a projectile, and I'm the projectile," he said.

Sort of, anyway.

"D stands for David," he said, putting a stuffed, mini-version of himself, with a large "D" on the chest, in the cannon.

His show also features a horse.

"It's not a real horse, but still it's my horse and I like my horse," he said, showing off his wooden horse.

David employs a lot of silliness in the show, and there are stunts so intimate David often dangles above the audience.

"Suddenly they realize it and they think, 'God, I hope he doesn't fall down'," he said.

He also plays his own music, with an accordion and a drum.

"I do everything by myself. Usually, I manage to survive," he said.

The Circus Factory runs Thursday, July 19 through Sunday, July 22 at the North Carolina Museum of Art at 8:30 p.m. Non-member tickets are $25 - $30.