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Former UNC Star Jerry Stackhouse Speaks At Local Basketball Camp

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — In the recent NBA draft, three of the top four picks were high school seniors. Jerry Stackhouse, of the Detroit Pistons and former UNC star, talked to some young players at a local camp about what that would take, and about how to be successful in life.

Stackhouse is always on the attack, direct and in your face, something the boys and girls at the Donald Williams' Basketball Camp in Wake Forest experienced firsthand.

"You hear talk of a lot of guys now leaving straight from high school going to the pros," he told the campers. In this year's NBA draft, three of the first four picks were high school seniors. And Stackhouse had a word of warning for any of these kids who think they could do the same.

"Work as hard as you can, because when you decide to make that jump, I'm going to be ready. I'm going to be there, and I'm going to be ready, and I'll look at you as a threat," he told them.

Just eight years ago, Jerry Stackhouse was one of the top prep players in the nation.

"I really couldn't fathom myself leaving right out of high school because I had goals. My goal was to go to college, my goal was to get my college degree, my goal was to compete at a high level in college," said Stackhouse.

But after just two seasons at Carolina, Stackhouse jumped to the pros.

And now he has come back to give back.

"It is great to give back to the kids, to share with them some of my successes and some of my trials of getting to where I'm at now, and share it with them," he said.

"Y'all have a good camp, man. Enjoyed it," Stackhouse told the campers as he left.

Despite leaving college two years early, Stackhouse did achieve his goal and graduated from UNC in 1999.


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